Board of Directors

Chesprocott Health District is governed by a Board of Directors. These Directors are appointed for a three year term from their Town Councils.

Meetings: The Board of Health meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm.


Lauren Backman

Sean Kimball

Barbara Ecke



Liz Normond



Andy Giordano

Maria Benvenuto




The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm.


Board Meetings Agendas and Minutes

June 21, 2023AgendaMinutes
June 8, 2023AgendaMinutes
May 30, 2023Personnel Meeting Cancelled
May 17, 2023AgendaMinutes
April 19,2023AgendaMinutes
April 3, 2023Special Meeting AgendaMinutes
March 1, 2023Personnel MeetingPersonnel Committee Minutes
Feb. 28, 2023Executive Committee Special MeetingExecutive Committee Minutes
Feb. 22, 2023Finance Committee AgendaFinance Meeting minutes
Feb. 15, 2023AgendaMinutes
Feb. 8, 2023Finance Committee AgendaFinance Committee Minutes
Jan. 18, 2023AgendaMinutes
Dec. 21, 2022BOD Meeting Cancelled
Nov. 30, 2022Special Mtg AgendaSpecial Meeting Minutes
Nov. 16, 202211-16-2022 Agenda11-16-2022 BOD Minutes
Nov. 1, 202211-1-2022 Special Meeting Agenda11-1-2022 Special Meeting Minutes
Oct. 19, 202210-19-22 Agenda10-19-2022 Minutes
Sept. 21, 2022BOD Agenda