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Navigating Chesprocott Health District’s Property Search

1. If you receive an error that the license has expired, please log out and try again.

2.  Position your mouse point on the ‘Street Files’ text box and click on the magnifying glass icon that will appear on the right hand side on the box.

3.  In the pop-up box that appears, click on ‘Search Public Records’

4.  Enter the Town you want to search within

5.  Enter the Street Name you are looking for

6.  Enter the Street Number you are looking for

7.  Select ‘Run Search’

If Chesprocott has documents for the property you are searching for, they will appear.  If there is no information, no files will appear.

You can select the document you want to view by clicking on the picture of the document.  Once the document is open you can Print or Download the document by clicking on the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu (located on the top ribbon) and choosing your action.  Email actions may require you to download the documents.

To go back to view other documents, you need to select your BROWSERS back button.  (see below)

For a New Search, please click ‘Refresh’ in the top ribbon (as shown above).

Please click ‘Logout’ on the right-side of the ribbon when you are finished with your searches.